List of Cruelty-Free & 100% Vegan Makeup & Skincare Brands (That I Currently Use!)

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Hi Chirpers, You have been my loyal supporters since the start of this little space of mine – so thank you from the bottom of my heart. As you know by now, cruelty-free and vegan friendly ways are an inherent part of my lifestyle.

The positive side to it that I get to search, research, support and embrace lot of brands that are ethical — week in week out. The most enjoyable part of this research is everyday expertise of using them most of the time or being recommended by people who are close to my heart that I wholeheartedly trust.

One common question I get asked is researched list of cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands that I use. I intend to tackle that in this post and promise to keep it as updated as I reasonably can. If in doubt, just drop me a message!

In this guide, I’ll be spotlighting companies that I know and believe are relentless in pursuing ethical beauty, providing you with a range of animal-friendly makeup brands and eco-friendly skincare brands. Everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with using cruelty-free cosmetics and vegan beauty products, knowing they’re kind to animals and beneficial for our skin and environment alike. I certainly do!

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Why Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Brands are Flourishing

The rise of ethical beauty is no accident. Cruelty-free brands and vegan skincare brands are thriving due to a conscious shift in consumer values. The modern beauty enthusiast is not just after aesthetic enhancement but also seeks assurance that their consumption does not come at the expense of another creature’s well-being. This ethical stance is resonating across demographic lines, driving demand for cruelty-free and vegan makeup & skincare brands that hold the promise of beauty without compromise.

Exemplary Brands Leading the Change in Make-Up

It’s a pleasure to see revered names like KVD Beauty and Barry M at the forefront of this movement. They have elegantly redefined what it means to be animal-friendly makeup brands. It’s not just about excluding animal testing, but also about refusing to include any animal by-products in their makeup formulations. These brands have truly embedded the ethos of vegan beauty into their identity, ensuring they cater to ethical consumers without compromising on quality.

Versatility and Performance in Vegan Make-up

I have found that cruelty-free cosmetics do not pale in comparison to their traditional counterparts. On the contrary, they stand out for their versatility and high performance. Animal-friendly makeup brands have harnessed innovative botanicals and synthetic materials that deliver exceptional results, challenging the misconception that vegan makeup falls short in quality.

BrandProduct TypeKey Ethical Features
KVD BeautyFoundation100% vegan, cruelty-free, long-wearing
Barry MLipstickWide colour range, cruelty-free, no carmine
Too FacedMascaraAnimal-friendly, achieves dramatic volume

Transformative Vegan Skincare for Every Skin Type

Nurturing Your Skin with Plant-Based Ingredients

I’ve made it my mission to find skincare solutions that are kind to both animals and our delicate skin. The gentle touch of nature is exemplified in brands like Acure and Derma E, which harness the reparative and therapeutic properties of botanicals. These vegan elixirs, brimming with antioxidants and vitamins, have helped not just my skin but many of my besties achieve a healthy, vibrant glow.

Brand Spotlights: Pioneers in Vegan Skincare Solutions

Vegan skincare champions like Acure have set a new standard with their 100% plant-sourced formulas. I’m particularly impressed with their innovative complexion-boosting moisturisers and serums. Meanwhile, Derma E’s commitment to eco-ethical skincare has made them a devout staple in my daily regimen. Their range encompasses everything from sun protection to age-defying potions, proving that ethical skincare need not compromise on potency.

Must-Have Vegan Skincare Products for Daily Regimens

  • Acure’s Brightening Cleansing Gel
  • Derma E’s Vitamin C Concentrated Serum
  • Pacifica’s Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream
  • Andalou Naturals’ Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

Essential Cruelty-Free Vegan Brushes and Tools

When it comes to perfecting makeup application, the significance of the tools one utilises cannot be understated. My own makeup kit is replete with options from cruelty-free brands that not only respect animal welfare but also offer the precision and quality necessary for impeccable results.

Among them, EcoTools and MOTD Cosmetics are two pioneers whose commitment to vegan makeup brushes stands out prominently. They have set a commendable standard in the industry by eschewing natural animal hair and opting for high-performance synthetic bristles instead.

Part of my personal ethos is supporting eco-friendly skincare brands, and that extends to the makeup tools I choose. These cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands are not only champions of ethical beauty, but their brushes offer durability and eco-consciousness, which are aspects I care deeply about:

BrandBrush TypeKey FeaturesSustainability Credentials
EcoToolsKabukiSoft, dense bristles for a flawless finish100% cruelty-free, bamboo handles
MOTD CosmeticsEye BlendingTapered for precise eyeshadow applicationPETA-certified, eco-conscious packaging
EcoToolsFoundationEven application and streak-free blendMade with recycled materials
MOTD CosmeticsAngled ContourIdeal for sculpting and contouringSynthetic bristles for an ethical choice

List of Cruelty-Free & Vegan Makeup & Skincare Brands I Currently use!

Selection of 100% Vegan Makeup Brands

The innovation and dedication found within my selection of 100% vegan makeup brands are truly inspiring. Leading the charge, ELF Cosmetics and Lime Crime offer an array of products that cater to conscious consumers without ever compromising on the luxe experience. Both brands have proven that it is possible to achieve vibrant pigments, durable wear, and a rich texture using only vegan-friendly ingredients.

Discover Uncompromised Quality with Vegan Skincare Brands

In the realm of skincare, Herbivore and Biossance exemplify the exciting direction of cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands. These ethical beauty brands have developed a repertoire of products that offer exceptional skincare benefits, rivalling even the most established luxury beauty items.

The Best Vegan Hair Care Products for Every Texture

Whether seeking solutions for dryness, lack of volume, or colour maintenance, companies such as Arctic Fox have been pioneering in providing tailor-made vegan hair care products. With each strand’s health as a priority, these brands ensure aesthetically pleasing results sans any animal-derived ingredients.

BrandProduct TypeKey IngredientsTexture Suitability
AcureUltra Hydrating ShampooArgan oil, pumpkin seed oilAll, particularly dry hair
Arctic FoxPurifying ConditionerAloe vera, soy proteinColoured and treated hair
AcureBuildup Balancing Hemp & ACV ShampooHemp seed oil, apple cider vinegarOily and fine textures

Supporting Beauty Inside Out: Subscription Boxes and More

This one is a new for me which I only recently discovered! I’m of course talking about vegan beauty & lifestyle monthly subscription boxes that are more than a mere convenience—they are a portal to the constantly evolving world of cruelty-free brands and ethical beauty brands.

Subscription ServiceWhat’s includedFocus on Ethics
Petit VourA luxury curated assortment of beauty products100% vegan and cruelty-free
Vegan Cuts Beauty BoxMix of skincare, makeup, and body care itemsSupports ethical brands, prioritises natural ingredients

Moreover, each box not only introduces me to new products but also aligns with a lifestyle choice that prizes compassion over convenience. It’s a celebration of personal values met with the excitement of uncovering hidden gems within the beauty industry.

Subscription boxes are the monthly reminder that compassionate choices don’t have to be limited to the foods we eat or the clothes we wear – they extend to the beauty products we use daily.

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