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As the creator and voice behind EarthlyChirp, I believe in complete transparency about how this blog operates and upholds its ethical standards. EarthlyChirp is funded through affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission if you choose to purchase products through these links. However, this affiliate funding does not sway the content I create or the products I endorse.


How Affiliate Funding Works at EarthlyChirp

My foremost commitment at EarthlyChirp is to provide honest, comprehensive content. When you, my valued readers, decide to buy products based on my extensive research, analysis, and testing, I might earn a commission from these purchases. Importantly, if you return a product due to dissatisfaction or if a recommendation doesn’t meet your expectations, I don’t earn a commission. This ensures there is no incentive for me to recommend anything but the best products. My priority is, and always will be, serving you — my readers – with integrity and sincerity.

Rigorous Vetting and Review Process of EarthlyChirp

At EarthlyChirp, I don’t just follow the industry norms; I strive to surpass them by applying a kinder lifestyle check. Unlike many review sites, this site is a reflective of my cruelty-free lifestyle and my natural being so I employ a stringent and unique vetting process that adhere to these core values. This includes in-house testing, everyday expertise, personal usage and consulting with leading industry-standard bodies like Consumer Report, CNET, and others.

Only the top-tier products and the ones recommended by closer, trustworthy friends on cruelty-free journey pass through my rigorous selection process — to be reviewed and analysed on EarthlyChirp, ensuring that only the best of the best are recommended to you. Ultimately this is to ensure that they are kinder to our skin, life and to Mother Earth.

Content Disclaimer for EarthlyChirp

Please remember that the information shared on EarthlyChirp is not medical advice and has not been endorsed by medical health professionals. All the content here is for educational and informational purposes only. My aim is to provide insights and knowledge based on my personal everyday experience, research and experience in the cruelty-free and environmentally friendly field, but this should not be taken as professional medical advice.

I invite you to explore EarthlyChirp, knowing that the recommendations and insights are presented with your best interests at heart, underlined by my dedication to truth, transparency, and a passion for sustainable, ethical living.

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